This is Masande’s Team with Andrew Fordyce.

S(uccess) = K(nowledge) n(people)
Success is knowledge increased by the number of people I share it with.

Andrew Fordyce stands by his team and his team by him. We have grown together as a team – a little like the giraffe – the animal of our logo; a very social and caring animal with long-term commitments and loyalties. We value each other’s personalities, knowledge and willingness to always give our best. This is how we achieve results that satisfy us AND our customers. On this basis, our job is not simply work but also a whole lot of fun!

“Our success is based on the conviction: sharing knowledge means growth, progress and prosperity.
Whoever, on the other hand, does not share his knowledge, stagnates.”
(Andrew Fordyce)

ANDREW Fordyce

A passionate food expert, an enthusiastic entrepreneur and a creative jack-of-all-trades, with a “hands on” approach and an inspiring philosophy.



Support Food Trend Tours

Our ‘Media Guru’ and student fairy with lots of fresh ideas and champion in the office, whenever needed.



Controlling & Sales

Juggles and controls numbers as well as being responsible for Sales & IT: nice and gentle but very tough when it comes to finances.


KERSTIN Wolkersdorfer

Personal Assistant

Boss Tamer & Food Trend Tours Organizer, a co-ordination Genie („Dream of Jeannie“): reliable and with unshakable friendliness in times of great stress. Our hobby artist chills out by not only beautifying our office, but partly successfully mastering our product design.


PETRA Meisel

PR & Marketing

Storyteller & Go-getter in media & marketing, always good at implementing new ideas and innovative concepts.


SIMONE Wagemann

Business Development, Networking & Contact Management

When it comes to new business, Simone stays on the ball. She takes care of winning new, exciting partners with whom we enjoy working together in a profitable way.



Purring radio, desk decoration & “furry stress ball”

Camera-shy, but gifted mouser & operator with entertainment value for callers, providing entertaining loud “Miaus” in the background.

Not to forget: our reliable suppliers & partners

antsandelephants Werbeagentur und Fotostudio, Bayreuth

Alex Heinrichs Photography, Aschaffenburg

Sabine Kepper, Media Design

To whom we might have forgotten: Call & we will correct ASAP!