We create successful brands. First and foremost our own: YUMMY trendfood & streetfood. You need help with branding. We are happy to support you!


Product Development

With over 30 years’ experience in the culinary world, Masande will ensure that your product not only meets all the standards, but also creates unique and exquisite taste experiences for your customers.


With Masande “let us prosper!” you are well advised – in investment cases or insolvency in the food and service sector. We evaluate yield opportunities for venture capital investments competently and assist you with insolvency.

Sales and Growth Strategies

Do you have an excellent culinary innovation? Through our diverse sales and marketing approaches, we will translate it into measurable sales.

Export Strategies for Food Service and Retail

Masande places your culinary products and concepts strategically into national and international markets.

Masande strategically and intelligently places your culinary products and concepts into the market nationally and internationally.

With over 30 years of industry experience, we develop individual, focused sales strategies – with success:

Yummy trendfood & streetfood

YUMMY trend- & streetfood of masande gmbh is a brand of masande gmbh that offers exceptional food solutions for all diets and tastes under the motto “Indulgence without Sacrifice”. The mostly self-developed and produced Ethnic Food products with trendsetter potential are based on authentic and sustainable recipes, from meat to alternative proteins to vegan products. For those who like to try something new, there are innovative products such as insects or the SunWOWer, a vegan plant based burger made of a world’s first sunflower seed hash.

Essento Food AG

For the Swiss Essento Food AG, masande brings edible insects to Austrian and German dishes. After the successful product launch in 2018, masande buildt up its export strategy and sales in the mentioned countries. Essento is another building block in the masande portfolio, which is based on sustainable concepts that promote a healthy diet under ecologically acceptable conditions.

Food Trend Tours Ltd.

Food Trend Tours Ltd. is an additional company of Andrew Fordyce. Food Trend Tours focus exclusively on experts in the food service and retail industry. Educating, Consulting, Key Note Speaking and editorial work for theleading food trade press complete his “High Five” around the tours.

Sales Team

Masande “let us prosper!” lays the foundation through comprehensive export strategies for the introduction of selected food service solutions. Based on 30 years’ experience, Masande developes success-oriented sales structures with maintaining long-term growth


In this food field we consider our own product to be the best reference: YUMMY CHOW. In D-A-CH, we sell the YUMMY CHOW as an all-inclusive street food concept: bun + sauces (vegan) + meat + packaging at an attractive price. The concept offers an endless variety of flavour combinations for meat-eaters, as well as vegetarians and vegans alike. The idea behind YUMMY CHOW comes from the homeland of Andrew Fordyce. In South Africa, half a loaf of bread is filled with a curry, sold and served as street food over the counter.


We’re all about the team: We learn with and through others. The output of communication results is know how and inspiration. That is the spirit and success at the heart of masande.  Bringing together which belongs together – that’s exactly what Andrew Fordyce is so good at. His talent is making room, creating new perspectives, and encouraging the foundation of healthy growth. Ask anybody who’s been on one of his Food Trend Tours, heard one of his presentations, or been in one of his lectures and they will wholeheartedly agree: Nobody goes home empty-handed; takeaways to change, inspire, and ready to be put into practice.