Export Strategies for Food Service and Retail

Masande strategically and intelligently places your culinary products and concepts into the market nationally and internationally.


Sales and Growth Strategies

Do you have an excellent culinary innovation? Through our diverse sales and marketing approaches, we will translate it into measurable sales.


Product Development

With over 25 years’ experience in the culinary world, Masande will ensure that your product not only meets all the standards, but also creates unique and exquisite taste experiences for your customers.


Premium Hamburger

We do business with a bite: premium Hamburgers together with Klaas + Pitsch Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH from Freudenberg/Siegerland, Germany.



With Masande “let us prosper!” you are well advised – in investment cases or insolvency in the food and service sector. We evaluate yield opportunities for venture capital investments competently and assist you with insolvency.


Masande strategically and intelligently places your culinary products and concepts into the market nationally and internationally.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we develop individual, focused sales strategies – with success:


Vivera, is a trademark of the Dutch Enkco Food Group, which has been producing vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes since 1990. Masande has successfully established a market presence for selected products in D-A-CH countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).


Klaas + Pitsch

Masande has found the perfect partner with Klaas + Pitsch: a traditional, quality-focused business based on solid values, which has mastered the transformation to producing innovative food trend products. The company now focuses on food solutions like Burgers, Pastrami, Pulled and Smoked Meat or Hot Dogs. Masande is a partner in the production of premium burgers where the meat products taste and look home-made. Their largest customers are Casual Dining chains and caterers (eg. ARAMARK, Hans im Glück, ALEX-Mitchells & Butler).



This case study, we consider our own product to be the best reference: YUMMY CHOW.

The idea behind YUMMY CHOW comes from the homeland of Andrew Fordyce. In South Africa, half a loaf of bread is filled with a curry, sold and served as street food over the counter. In D-A-CH, we sell the YUMMY CHOW as an all-inclusive street food concept: bun + sauces + meat (+vegan / vegetarian) + packaging at an attractive price. We offer a variety of flavour combinations for meat-eaters, as well as vegetarians and vegans alike. For more information, please see our website.


Sales Team

Masande “let us prosper!” lays the foundation through comprehensive export strategies for the introduction of selected products. Based on 25 years’ experience, Masande developes success-oriented sales structures with maintaining long-term growth.



Masande focuses its expertise and experience on consultancy to analyze and evaluate investment prospects, especially start-up companies, in the venture capital sector of financial groups. In addition, Andrew Fordyce has been trusted as a consultant and advisor in an insolvency case for Feinkost Menzi GmbH, which was successfully sold.


Die Food Trend Tours Ltd.

Food Trend Tours Ltd. is an additional company of Andrew Fordyce. Food Trend Tours focus exclusively on experts in the food service and retail industry. Food Trend Scouting, Consulting, Key Note Speaking and editorial work for the food trade press complete his “High Five” around the tours.