This is Masande.

Andrew Fordyce puts focus in the first place. Masande’s “Menu Card” focuses on the “High Five” of his core competencies. He has clarity, knows what to do and delivers quality.

Export Strategies

Would you like to conquer a new national market in the food service or retail sector or identify new growth opportunities in existing export channels? We strategically place your culinary products and gastronomic concepts in the market and optimize your export business – internationally. Our network of contacts in a wide range of countries, country-specific, local knowledge and many years of experience is the basis of our success.

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Premium Hamburger Production

Consumers want more hamburger: more meat, more flavor, more freshness – in short, more quality. Together with Klaas + Pitsch Fleisch- und Wurstwaren GmbH, Freudenberg/Siegerland, we produce hamburgers to meet your requirements around weight and individual spice mixtures – as frozen goods, which are made to taste home-made. Get to know the company, visit us in Freudenberg/SIEGERland (“WINNERland”), Germany! We will be glad to show you the production and develop your dream burger, as well as showing you trend products.

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Product Development

It is not necessarily the secret ingredient that makes a successful product: Often it has to be just the right one at the right time. We develop products for you that are not only trendy, but in line with your company philosophy. We think “out of the box” and we are not afraid to push you out of your comfort zone with ideas for new products and services. Doing this we always ensure that you remain authentic. Old paired with new, is a fundamental secret for your sales success.

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Sales Strategies

A successful product launch is only as good as the sales concept, which ensures growth and profit. We develop sales strategies that take your products into positive numbers. Masande supports your company and creates analysis-based, individual and innovative concepts. We are also at your disposal for their implementation and follow-up events (trade fairs, training, marketing and sales materials).

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Venture capital investments in the food and service sector play a greater role in the UK than in Germany. However, this area of investment is becoming increasingly important with the first stock exchange listings in Germany. The analysis of Start Ups and small groups requires precise market and industry knowledge, which Andrew Fordyce has internalized  in theory and practice.
Insolvency counseling is a very sensitive issue. A willingness to innovate, slim down and find the right investor can sometimes alter the course. Masande takes you on a new path, or assists you with effective damage limitation if you need to exit the market.

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