What is important to us?

What is Masande?

Andrew Fordyce grew up in the former Transkei, Eastern Cape in South Africa – home to Nelson Mandela. “Masande” comes from Xhosa, a language that contains many click sounds. “Masande” means

Let us prosper (spiritually, socially and economically).“

What is important to us?

Like the company name, the logo is strongly influenced by our South African roots. The upward-looking giraffe is the symbol of growth: initially a rapid rise, which then solidifies in a constant increase. Giraffes are the largest living land animals with the least need for sleep. They have a good overview by using their long necks and sharp eyes. In addition, they are sociable and gentle creatures that are never to be underestimated by their natural enemies. Behind their peaceful nature is a strength that they rarely use. But when they do, the giraffe shows itself as a force to be reckoned with.

The cast-iron pot stands for slow, traditional cooking over an open flame, for food always ready to eat, based on a sustainable, regional and seasonal selection of the best products. It also symbolizes a balanced life-style, firmly grounded on three legs. The fundamental pillars in life are work, family and friends as well as sports and social responsibility. For a fulfilled, successful existence, these elements should all be balanced.